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Web UI for CRM

Marcin TkaczykCustom enhancements and building new pages within the SAP delivered Web UI framework results in a highly flexible, integrated workplace - provided that you do not breach the SAP MVC architectural concept. Access on the same screen not only to CRM transactions, but also developed Web Dynpro exchanging data with third party tools, and feeding this data back into CRM or ECC transactions. The use of SAP LORD interface - usually, but not only, for Quotations and Sales orders.

Web UI, primarily developed for SAP CRM frontend, uses a typical three-tier concept associated with MVC architecture: presentation layer (user frontend, usually generated '.htm' view), business layer (process logic, technically BOL and GenIL), and persistency layer (database access, APIs - not necessarily CRM specific). This results in a very flexible, universal platform that can be used to access, process and integrate data from any system - SAP or non-SAP, www public data, any of your internal systems (using for example a web service communication).

Google Shopping

Marcin TkaczykBecoming available in Australia we were happy to get the solution live for the first time with integrated SAP MDM and ECC backend data. The Customer Webshop is not on the SAP platform, yet it is integrated with the ECC backend to fetch product, pricing, and availability information. We enabled that information to be available for the Google Shopping new functionality in as fast as two weeks

Google Shopping - originally known as Froogle, Google Product Search - is an online shopping service provided by Google in a few countries that lists vendor products and is exchanging a number of product related data (prices, availability, nearest store locator). It can include a webshop integration.

Improving SAP Webchannel

Marcin TkaczykSearch capabilities are a pain point in many webshop solutions, including the SAP one. Identifying customer needs is crucial for a project to choose the best option available when considering search improvement, and providing simple yet effective analytical tools.

Delivery included:
- Search synonyms enablement in the TREX database with the help of Python extensions
- Intelligent mechanism including Fuzzy algorithm adjustments
- Google Analytics as a free tool to start analyzing the search actvities on the page
- modifications of search by simple learining mechanism.

SAP E-Commerce solutions, both B2B and B2C, involve Web Channel Enablement, Web Channel Experience Management, and recently acquired Hybris platform - now being closer integrated with more out-of-the-box integration points.

Pricing and Costing for Utilities

Marcin TkaczykPCU is one of the newest and most interesting Industry Solutions for Utilities that have been launched in the last few years. As SAP is focusing at extending its core capabilities in offering a highy integrated, yet flexible functionality for Utilities, PCU is its greatest achievement in the CRM landscape.

For the first time SAPMATICS has successfully implemented this functionality in May 2012 with its main components:
- PCU design and implementation with interfaces
- Opportunity capturing;
- Quotation modeling with PCU Pricing execution;
- EDM integration for Pricing Profiles access and new Profile generation;
- Contract integration with Billing backed with the use of MDT and MDG.

It is so far one of the very few implementations worldwide and we are keen to make use of our expertise in further projects. For more details concerning Pricing and Costing for Utilities, visit Products PCU section

What Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, And SAP Don't Tell Customers

Marcin TkaczykThe four big software vendors:Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and SAP, have hidden motives that customers need to understand, otherwise they might be pushed into buying products and services that don't fit their needs. More to follow